Blade: "We need to find a sort of Coliseum."

Lakus: "Why??"

Valentine: "Torro, Torro!!!!!!" He waved a red sheet under Lakus's eyes.

Grafera: "Meuh!!!!" He charged in Valentine's direction.

Blade: "Ok, everyone calm down now. Let's go." They followed the maps indications and found the Coliseum. When they entered, they saw a bull charging them. Everyone fleed, apart Blade. He stayed stoic until the bull stopped at two centimeters of his nose.

Stranger: " Ok, Taureo, now you said hello, come back here." The bull obeyed to the stranger and came back at his level.

Stranger: "I'm pretty impressed. Not many people stay without moving when Taureo says hello. He's annoyed by people who flees when he's doing that."

Lakus: "Saying hello??!!" His heart was beating at a speed defying imagination.

Stranger: "Anyway, what have you came for??" Blade xplained the story since the beginning, but didn't talk about what happened with the Gemini blader.

Stranger: "So, there's really a bey who is his own master??"

Pisces: "It's exact."

Stranger: "And he can talk in minds??!!"

Blade: "Else, we wouldn't have known his intentions. Dolphins don't talk, eh??" The Taurus blader was consterned by the fact that they fought more normal that there's a telepathic being instead than a talking dolphin.

Grafera: "Well, dolphins are very intelligent. They maybe could accede to talk one day. They are the aquatic equivalents of monkeys."

Blade: "What's your name and bey??"

Taurus Zodiac blader: " My name is Billy, Bill for the close ones. And my beyblade is Horn Bull." He showed a red attack bey.

Blade: "Perfect, now let's go for the next one!!" He unrolled the map to see where and which zodiac blader was to search. The Capricorn sign was at Bombay.

Blade: "Uhm... And I can pass and see my old friend..."

To be continued...