"I don't think we'll find him here." Felinis was upset. Bombay is huge, and even with the map, he's not sure whether they'll find the next Zodiac blader.

Blade: "Don't worry, we've got all of our time. And we're going to a friend of mine who could help us." They diriged themselves to a house----it was more like a villa and there was an interphone near the gate entrance. Blade pressed the button and:

Voice: "Yeah??"

Blade: "It's me."

Voice: "Who's me??"

Blade: "Your best friend."

Voice: "Ah, Blade, come in, come in!!" The gate opened and they entered the villa through a huge garden.

Titi: "Wow, your friend has a pretty good living!!"

Blade: "And that's nothing..." A man was walking towards them.

Kushan Lahiri: "Woof, Blade!! How ya going?? And who are these guys??"

Blade: "I'm well thanks. Let's go inside and talk about it, ok?? It's so hot here!!"

Kushan: " Of course, of course!! Everyone come in!!!" They entered the villa. It was ENORMOUS!!! They diriged themselves to a living room.

Kushan: "Please sit!!" The sat and Blade explained everything to Kushan, apart the Gemini case.

Kushan: "Of course I wanna join!! It seems exciting!!"

Titi: "What's your bey??"

Kushan: "An Attack-type bey, Bronze Leone 100HF" He showed a bey.

Grafera: "Whaaa haha!!! Regular parts!! Hahaha!!! You must be very weak!!!!" Kushan, very irritated, asked the group to follow him. He leaad them to an ENORMOUS gymnase with loads of stadiums of different types!!!!

Kushan: "We'll take the normal stadium." He loaded Leone, waiting, Grafera loaded Aquario, thing that he did.

Blade took the reffing in hand.

Blade: "Bladers ready??"

Kushan and Grafera: "Yeah!!"

Blade: "So, in 3



Let it rip!!!!"

Kushan and Grafera: "Let it rip!!!" Leone started barraging Aquario, who got very affected of the attack.

Grafera: "Grrr.. You're not going to get me spin out now!!!"He tried to repel the other bey, but failed.

Kushan: "Come on, Leone, Canine Scratch!!!" Leone started attacking Aquario, but at first attack, Aquario was propulsed out of the stadium with incredible force!!! Grafera, astonished, kept looking at Leone with the mouth open, without saying anything.

Kushan: "So, who's the weak one?? The regular parts or the original parts??" Grafera stared at Kushan, and shut his mouth.

Blade, whispering to Valentine: "I often have difficulties battling him, that's why I thought that this battle won't be long."

Kushan: "Ok, the time I pack a few things and we will go!!!" Blade took the map and saw the Scorpius sign got in replacement of the original sign they were looking for!!!

Blade: "Oh, no, not again..." Anyways, Blade thought about not dramatising, and looked where the Scorpius sign was. It was in the middle of the Sahara!!!

Blade: "Guys, don't get disaccustomed of the temperature. It's gonna be hotter than here!!"

To be continued...