A road. A traveller: Blade0886, Blade for the close ones. He travels for adventure, new challenges always harder the one after the other. Then, further on, he saw a old man who had blood all over him and who was on the ground. Blade run at him to see if he was dead or alive. He was still alive, but very weak.

<< The... Ultimate... Zodiac Bladers... you... must... find them!!!

Blade: What?? I don't understand!! You'll gonna explain me all this at the hospital. Hold on until there!!

Unknown old man: Take... this...>>

He handed a piece of parchement to Blade. He took it. Then, the man became very luminous, blinding Blade, and when he had his vision restored, the old man wasn't there anymore!! No tracks of him indicating he could be there a moment ago were left!! Blade stood up, astonished. He unrolled the parchement to see what it was saying: "A great evil even stronger than Nemesis is waking up, to stop him, the possesor of this parchement must find the 12 Ultimate Zodiac Bladers, led by a 13th Blader. AT them all, they can stop the great evil to rull the universe. One of them will be left behind in this great battle. The possesor of this parchement must search the bladers in order of power." After Blade read this, a map of the world appeared. While the map get the details, Blade thinked: " Uhm... in order of power?? It means from the strongest to the weakest or the other way round?? And i don't like the "left behind" part..." As he finished to ressass dark ideas, a skull of a ram in the Rocky Mountains of North America. Blade thinked: "At least i know where to go..." So he was gone to searche the zodiac blader of Aries.