Beyblade: Zo"Aaaaah, it's good to be back!!!" That was Blade. Paris was in vue, and Lakus was sweating.

Lakus: " Ha, ha, ha, ha.... Too hot, your country!!!" Blade looked at him.

Blade: " If you changed of clothes and stoped wearing your mountain clothes like i told you, you wouldn't be so hot!!"

Lakus: "No!! I like these clothes, i'm not going to seperate myself from them!!!"

Blade: " I hope you take them off when you wash!!"

Lakus" ..."

Blade: " Anyway, we're in vue of Paris. And we can use the parchement like a GPS." The hydroman was glowing more and more when they get closer of Paris.

Blade: "So what we need is a beypark."

Lakus: "Seems obvious, no??"

Blade: " I wonder how you can find that obvious, you who live in the mountains..."

Lakus" Let's go!!" They've gone to the beypark, and when they arrived, Blade looked to the map: "Uhm... strange...".

Inside, Lakus shouted: "Ok i challenge everybody inside here to a attle right now!!" A few minutes later, when everyone apart Lakus and Blade was on the floor:

Lakus: " Anyone of them was a zodiac blader!!"

Blade: " Uh... I see that..." Blade looked at the map and saw that the hydroman reduced so it's location is more precise. It's on the Seine!!

Blade: " Come on!!" Blade runned out of the beypark and rushed to the Seine. There, they found a person who standing next to the edge of the water. He was tall, had white combed hair. Blade explained him all the story, and:

Grafera: "I'm not interested."

Lakus:" What??!! You not going to let us down like that!!"

Grafera: "If you want me to come with you, you'll have first to overcome me!!!!!"

Lakus: "No probs, let's go!!"

To be continued....