StroBlade is doing the reffing. The battle will be on the Seine

Blade:"Beys, please." Lakus showed his Destroy Aries 20 MXF. Grafera showed a blue bey.

Grafera: " Bow before Still Aquario R400 RES"

Blade: " Launch!!" Lakus and Grafera lauched their beys.

Blade: "And in




Let it rip!!!!!!!!!!"

Lakus and Grafera: " Let it rip!!!!!!!!" Blade thought:" With this battle, i can verify a paragraph of the parchement, to see if i found the weakest or the strongest of Zodiac bladers."

Lakus: "Come on Aries!! Drown him!!!" Aries jumped and tried to land on Aquario to push him underwater. He made a clean hit, but Aquario wouldn't move!!!!!

Grafera: "Huh!! It's not with that you'll gonna make me go with you!!!" Aries got shoved away and landed in the water. It started to wobble, reason to the water friction.

Grafera: "Let's finish this..." Aquario runned to Aries and shoved it in the air. Aries landed on the ground. Lakus was defeated.

Lakus: "Grrrr.... Didn't even had the time to execute my special move!!"

Grafera: "Don't think it would have changed anything... See you losers!!!" He turned to go away. Blade thought: "Uhm... now i know: Lakus is the weakest of zodiac bladers and i will foind the most powerfull in the end." Blade launched Galea.

Blade: "No way to let you go!! I'm gonna battle you now!!"

Grafera: "Yeah, but no. You're surely weakest than this loser. I have no envie to battle you!!"

Lakus: "What loser??!!"

Blade: "You have no choice. Let it rip!!!!" Galea flighed on the water.

Grafera: "Tchhh...." He launched Aquario. The two beys rushed on each other.

Blade: "Stamina mode!!!" The fusion wheel changed, and when Aquario was about to touch Galea, Galea turned around the spin track and gone the other way untouched.

Grafera: "Uhm... It's better than the other loser anyway..."

Lakus: "Shut up!!!!"

Blade: "You shut up!!!!" To Grafera: "And you have saw nothing!!!" Galea passed in Defence mode and charged Aquario. The beys clashed, and a great explosion occured. When the smoke cleared, Aquario was out-spin!!! Blade: "Uh.... A bit too easy to me!!"

Grafera: "No.... no way!!!"

Lakus: "No... no way!!! He couldn't have beaten so easily someone who beat ME so easily!!"

Grafera: "Ok, i'm going with you."

Blade: "Perfect, then!!!"

To be continued....