"That's antique!!!!" They were admiring the Coliseum, at Rome.

Grafera: "The Lion zodiac blader must be living like a pacha!!"

Lakus: "What??!! In houses like this??!! He mustn't have any modern technology!!"

Pisces: "The aspect of the houses doesn't determine the civilisation level."

Blade: "Instead arguing, when you will have finished admiring the Coliseum, we could maybe advance in our quest!!"

They diriged themselves inside the Coliseum, following the maps indications. They found a person, alone, lying on the ground, looking at the sky. The little group approached the man. He didn't react at their presence, like if they weren't there.

Lakus, waving his hand in front of his face:" Helloooooo!!!! Is somebody there??"

Pisces: "He seems... dead."

Blade: "No, i sense his pulse. He's like if there was no one inside this body, but it was still awake."

Grafera: "Look." He was pointing at the right hand of the man. It was squeezing a bey. Grafera tried to take it from the hand, but when he touched the bey, the man suddenly stood up and pushed him away. Everyone screamed, apart Pisces. The man readied and launched it's bey towards Gradera. As a reflex, Blade launched Clypeum to intercept the man's bey just after Pisces used Blade's launcher to launch itself. The two beys got in the way of the man's bey and clashed. Pisces was sent flying into the Coliseums wall, but Clypeum stayed.

Lion Zodiac Blader: "Who are you?? What do you want??"

Blade: "Aaaaaah... I wonder if everyone is going to react like Lakus...."

Lion Zodiac blader: "ANSWER!!" His bey pressed with more pression against Clypeum, but it didn't work.

Blade: "Let's finish this: SPECIAL MOVE: WEIGHT POWER!!!!" Clypeum charged the man's bey and sent it flying high in the sky!!!! When it falled, it stopped spinning!!

Lion Zodiac Blader:" Wh.. WHAT??!!"

Blade: "Now, calm down and let us explain you." Blade explained all the story to the man.

Lion Zodiac Blader: "Ok, i see. I join. My name is Felinis and my bey is Claw Leone."

Lakus: "Uh.... Excuse me, Felinis, but... What we're you doing on the floor??"

Felinis: "I was exploring the world with my astral shape!!!"

To be continued...