One day, Kushan was roaming about in the streets of France with his best friend, Blade0886. They were having a hearty chat while they were interrupted by a sound. It was like the ringing of a bell. They looked around, and, on seeing no one, moved on.

They were moving towards Blade's home.

When they reached, they rested a bit because they nearly walked a kilometre. They were having breakfast when they received a surprise visit from Maxie4ossie, another one of Kushan's best friends.

Kushan: Hey, Max, wassup, and why're you so exhausted?

Max: I just ran till here!

Blade and Kushan looked at eache other.

Blade and Kushan (together): WHAT??!!

Max: Yes, I just got the news from Grace that Nura's very ill.

Kushan: But, Sis (Grace) and you live in UK, right?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Kushan: So how could you run from UK to France?

Max: I ran down from the bus stop, dumbo.

Blade: Oh.

Max: They (Grace and Panferno) need both of your help. They told that they need to tell something to Kushan and something to Blade.

Blade: Then we must hurry.

Kushan: Yeah.

Blade: Come on, fast. I'll take you to the airport by my new car.

Max and Kushan (together): Wow, thanks.

Blade: It's always my pleasure.

Blade took them to the airport and called his brother, Jade up to take the car home. It was a shining Ferrari.

Then, they flew to london.