The flight lands at London. Manaphy welcomes them.

Mana: KUSHAN!!!!

Max: Mana, umm, we're here too.

Blade: Yeah, don't ignore us.

Mana remains silent.

Max: Why're you ignoring us, Mana?

Mana: Cuz, you guys are worth of it. Why didn't you even make a call? Kushan kept in touch with me regularly via Facebook. In fact, he's the one who informed me that you were coming. That's why I came.

Blade: Yeah, Facebook IS helpful in matters of keeping in touch with good ol' friends.

Mana: Yes, you're absolutely right, Blade. I didn't see you since almost over a month.

Blade: Whoa hoa, Mana, nowadays you're talking too much.

Mana smiles. They go to Grace's house.

Grace: GUYS!!!!

Kushan: Hey sis.

Blade: How's it goin', by the way?

Grace: Nowadays, I'm in a bit of trouble. Only you guys can help me.

Kushan: Yes, that's why we came. So, what's bothering you?

Grace: Ask what isn't.

Blade: 'k, what isn't?

Mana: No time for jokes, folk. She's serious.

Grace: An evil has arisen. His name is Darkus Master. He wants to conquer the whole of Europe.

Mana (interrupting Grace): The whole "world", I suppose.

Grace gets annoyed on being interrupted.

Edboy3 enters.

Ed: Hey folks, wassup? Are you here to solve Grace's problem? If yes, then I'm not coming. I've got many other important works other than saving the world AGAIN.

Blade: Yeah, as if you've saved the world nearly a hundred times. And, by the way, not only Manaphy, but you've also started talking a lot.

Ed: Yeah, Grace's influence.

Grace: HEY, I don't talk much.

The teens celebratingly reunite while talking about their quest.

Blade: So, where do we hafta go next?

Grace: Germany.

Kushan: WHAT??!!

Manaphy: Yes, Pan'll be waiting for Blade to hell him his mission while Nura'll tell yours, Kushan. And then you hafta split up.

Kushan: 'k, and by the way, where's Nura?

Grace: She's inside.

Nura (weakly): No, I'm not.

Grace: NURA, why did you leave the bed?

Nura: Oh, now I'm as fit and good as before again...., and while saying so, faints.

Everybody: NURA!!!!

Grace takes Nura to her room again and starts her daily treatment.

Mana: She's in a critical condition.

Blade: Poor Nura. God bless her.

Kushan: What happened?

Ed: You'll get to know tomorrow, now let's sleep.

Max: Yeah, I'm feeling sleepy.



  • Manaphy (Mana)
  • Kushan Lahiri (Kushan)
  • Maxie4ossie (Max)
  • Blade0886 (Blade)
  • Gingka and Co. (Grace)
  • EdBoy3 (Ed)
  • 4everNura (Nura)