The next morning, Kushan wakes up earliest and goes to a hill. He tries to think of his quest but is disturbed by unwanted company....

Nura: Thinking 'bout your quest?

Kushan: Hey, Nura, you almost scared me.

Nura: I did? I rarely scare people that too unknowingly.

Kushan: Shouldn't you be in your bed right now?

Nura: Nah, Doc said I should get some fresh air. And also some walking sessions.

Kushan: Well, I don't believe the "Walking session" part. Come, let me take you home.

Nura: Lets go.

They start off towards their residence.On reaching, they see their friends preparing breakfast. Kushan realizes he has to leave soon.

When the others see them, they huddle up to listen what Nura was gonna tell Kushan about his mission.

Nura: 'kay, Kushan, here goes your mission. You hafta create a team in the Indian Subcontinent. Since I live in Bangladesh, I've some personal works for you too. Anyways your main objective is to find the Priest of the East.

Kushan: Um, Nura, this whole thing needs to be explained.

Nura: Yes, I know, you're a bit too amatuerish for this tasknow, but I'm sure you'll learn everything 'bout it soon.

Kushan was still not clear about all that was happening. He wasn't aware of the importance of his mission. And neither was Blade. The reason behind was innocence. They haven't yet met that evil. But, as the elders say, "Time teaches".

After having breakfast, Kushan sets off for New Delhi, while goes to Berlin. Max still had to find her master. The one who'd direct her on the right path. But there was a deep thought in her that maybe she didn't need one. Maybe she was destined to go with one of her friends....

Max: Hey Kushan, wait up.

Kushan: What?

Max: I think I should accompany.

Nura: Max, but you still hafta find your master.

Max: Maybe Kushan is my master. Maybe I'm destined to stay with him.

Kushan: It'd be GREAT to travel to India with you, but I think it isn't the right time.

Max: So, take care guys.

Blade was already gone. He couldn't hear Maxie's farewell. But Kushan was still there.

Max and Kushan say good bye.

Kushan starts off. He thinks maybe Blade left early because he was curious to know his mission. Kushan was feeling lonely without his best friends, especially Max. And the reason was that he lived a few months with Blade but didn't spend much time with Max.

He felt sad.