Blade reaches Berlin. Pan lived in the hills. He starts off for Pan's house.

Pan wonders where Blade was and looks out of the window to see a tall young man advancing towards her home.

She comes out hoping that it was Blade. But it wasn't.

Pan: Who are you?

Stranger: You may call me Anton.

Pan: What're you doing here, in the mountains?

Blade arrives.

Blade: PANFERNO!!!!, and while saying so, hugs her.

Pan: Hey Blade, we haven't met since a long time, right?

Anton: Are you the one called Blade0886?

Blade: Yes, but who're you?

Anton: I'm Anton, servant of the Lord of the Dark. I've come here to warn you, foolish child!

Blade: HEY! Neither am I a child, nor foolish.

Anton: You must be a foolish amateur to go against my master. If you advance further in your mission, they you will be executed.

Pan: Hey, who're you to threaten him?

Anton ignores Pan.

Anton (To Blade): Show me what you got!

Blade: I will!

Blade launches Excalibur. He observes Anton's face as Excalibur across his mask.

He thinks that even if he met him for the first time, he was actually a very close friend of the giant.

Anton launches his bey.

Anton: Go Excalibur!

Blade: What?! But how?! I'm the owner of Excalibur.

Anton (Grinning): You're a bit amateurish to own it because you don't even know about its brother. I own Evil Excalibur T:T

Blade: Will you stop calling me an amateur?

Pan: The 4D Performance Tip is Toxic Turner.

Blade: I've heard about it. It's massively destructive.

Evil makes a stadium with its power.

Cut slips in.

They both first spin around the stadium steadily. Then, suddenly advance towards each other.

They continuosly attack each other. The sparks produced by the collisions melt the snow over a large area. Cut advances so powerfully, that it's certain to defeat Evil.

Anton observes this and calls back Evil.

Blade: HEY! That's not fair! I would've defeated you.

Anton: I know, but, I didn't apply my full power.

Blade: Yeah, every loser tells this.

Anton: Yes, but, your great power proves that you're capable of going against my master. I'd like to battle your teammates, too.

Anton leaves.

Blade: Hey, wait. I need to ask you some questions.

Anton smiles and disappears in the snow.

Pan: Blade, you must be tired. Lets sleep, now, I'll tell you your mission tomorrow.

Then they go to bed.