"Mei Mei!" Ginka yelled as he sprinted up the mountains.

"Huh? You again? I guess you still don't get it do you?" Mei Mei raised her brows.

"Get what? All I want is to get back home!" Ginka retorted.

"Get home? Don't you know once you're here, you cannot go back, well, that is until you have defeated Prince Ershan. He will not let you off...just like how he did not let the rest off..." Mei Mei's voice trailed away.

"What? this Prince Ershan? The rest? What do you mean?" Ginka pounded Mei Mei with questions.

"You see, our team, Wang Hu Zhong, was the most powerful in Beylin, and it is true that we represented China in the World Beyblade championships, but Prince Ershan of Chu was really jealous of Beylin, he challenged us to a battle at his palace. Who knew..." Mei Mei stopped sadly. "It was all a trick. We were deceived, I managed to escape, but the others weren't as lucky..." Mei Mei looked at Ginka.

"Are you in hiding?" Ginka asked.

Mei Mei nodded her head sadly, "That is why I have to disguise as someone else, though, it wasn't so successful."

With that, Mei Mei walked off.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Ginka called out.

"To train, no pain no gain you know." Mei Mei replied.

"Of course I know! But, can I train alongside with you? I, want to help get my friends back, you know, Masamune would be so sad if he doesn't get to battle Chao Xin anymore. And Dashan and Chi-Yun, it's nothing without them..." Ginka shrugged.

"Come on! We got to get going then!" Mei Mei said.