Mei Mei brought Ginka to a mountain.

"Is this where you live now?" Ginka asked.

"Of course not, I live right there!" Mei Mei pointed out.

"Wh...wha...what! You live such a long way from here? Climbing up the mountain itself already takes me such a long time. How am I to climb up it everyday? How do you get here so fast everyday to train? Ginka was hysterical.

"There are two ways. One, you camp here. Two, you sprint here. You can train your speed and stamina when you choose to follow option two," Mei Mei replied coolly.

"Fine! I'll choose the second option then. So, how are we going to start training now?" Ginka asked again.

"Well, actually, Wang Hu Zhong usually starts a day with active running." Mei Mei explained.

"Isn't running being active already?" Ginka was confused.

"Well, it means to activate all your senses while you run," Mei Mei proceeded. "When you run, especially in a battle, you have to activate your hearing and sight, that will be helpful to you in the battle."

Mei Mei got Ginka to show her his Galaxy Pegasus. Though she knew how powerful it was, she feared that Ginka and Pegasus would not be able to defeat Prince Ershan. While Ginka ran, she ran alongside him, talking to him, making sure he was active physically and mentally.

"Ginka, do you have a girlfriend?" Mei Mei asked.

"Uh, no, why?" Ginka stopped running.

"That was supposed to be a question to distract you! If your enemy distracts you like this in a battle and you just stop like that, the consequences would be dire," Mei Mei said.

"Well, we are battling in a stadium right?" Ginka was puzzled by Mei Mei's reaction.

"Actually, first, you would need to battle Prince Ershan's men. My team weren't able to even pass through them. If you defeat all his men, then would you be able to challenge Prince Ershan," Mei Mei said sadly.

"Oh. What bey has Prince Ershan then?" Ginka asked.

"No one actually knows." Mei Mei sighed.

"That is going to be a long battle..." Ginka thought to himself.