Subpages: Ruling Storypedians, Stabbers and LB

Ruling StorypediansEdit




  • Founder of STAB - Kushan Lahiri
  • President of STAB - Kushan Lahiri
  • Head of Registration - Kushan Lahiri
  • Story Registerer - Kushan Lahiri
  • Author Registerer - Kushan Lahiri
  • Head of Library - Kushan Lahiri, Oishij Mukherjee and Blade0886

Side DepartmentsEdit

  • Informer (Head of Character Requests) - Kushan Lahiri
  • Subscription Manager (Head of Subscriptions) - Kushan Lahiri


  • Head of Department - Kushan Lahiri, Oishij Mukherjee and Iluvdamianhart


  • Kushan Lahiri
  • Blade0886
  • Oishij Mukherjee

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