The story starts!!

  • Mom:It is time did you take all your things?
  • Oish:Yes i did.
  • Mom:Ok goodbye i wish u best of luck.
  • Oish:Thanks
  • Back at Lab
  • Steve:Hi Oishij you manged to get on time.
  • Oish:Oh yeah
  • Steve:But see both Emily and Prof.Oak i hate this things.
  • Tracey:I'm opening wait you two.
  • Oish:Hi Prof.Oak
  • Oak:Hi steve and Oishij isnt Emiley use to come by now
  • Ring Ring
  • Oak:Emiley
  • Emiley:Hiya
  • Oak:So we begun who came first he/she will will get first chose
  • Steve:I Choose BULBASAUR!!!
  • Oak:Great a real energetic leaf pokemon.
  • Oish:I love fire type so i choose Charmander>
  • Oak:great a real strong Pokemon.
  • Emiley:I love water i got squirtle yeah.
  • Oak:Yeah Emiley it is a smart partner to have.
  • Tracey:One by one come and get ur potionkit,pokedex,pokegear and poketop.
  • Oak:Ok then wish you luck on your journey.

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